About the Bitcoin Global Macro

The Bitcoin Global Macro is a weekly newsletter about financial markets, technology, and investment ideas seen through a crypto lens.

I focus primarily on the crypto economy and technology markets. However, I remain a firm believer that nothing trades in a vacuum, why my letters also include a fair deal of macro perspectives.

Why is your letter called Bitcoin Global Macro?
I’m a believer that most assets in the crypto economy is worthless. Since Bitcoin first saw the light of day in 2009, an unlimited amount of other assets have emerged - All looking for your liquidity!

In an attempt to distance myself far away from many of the scams out there, I’ve labelled my letter Bitcoin Global Macro, because I find Bitcoin to be the purest of all crypto assets.

Best Regards,

Ulrik K. Lykke

Who Reads the Bitcoin Global Macro?

The general readership is investors with an interest in the digital assets markets who wants a holistic and critical overview about what is going on. My mailing list contains everything from the smaller semi-professional investor to institutional investors and researchers.

Why should you listen to me? Here are some gems from the past!

  • I identified major cycle bottom for crypto in the end of 2018.

  • I called the beginning of the crazy ride in 2020 and 2021.

  • I expected a prolonged bear market for crypto in my first letter back in July 2022.

  • I’ve delivered a detailed write up about both the FTX and ETF sagas.

  • I called this market cycle bottom for BTC (so far!) in December 2023.

  • I’ve written a lengthy booklet about investing in Bitcoin.

Disclaimers my lawyer asked me to include…

Reader discretion is advised. All contents are for educational purposes only and it is the responsibility of the reader to verify all information provided to him/her. Contents of the letter, website, and any other materials distributed may include inaccuracies, and charts and images may not be drawn to scale. Always act on your own initiative and do not consider any of the information investment advice.

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Bitcoin since 2012. Ex-crypto fund manager. Co-founder of Peanuds.com. Writes a newsletter about financial markets through a crypto lens.