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Bitcoin Global Macro is a research institute focusing on digital assets, macro insights & investment ideas in the digital assets space.

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The letter is called “Bitcoin Macro Global” but focuses on a broad range of digital assets and technology. The word “Bitcoin” has specifically been chosen to signify that we retain a no-bullshit approach to the digital assets industry.

While we remain opinionated about markets and assets, you will never find us shamelessly promoting anything. Our integrity is of utmost importance to us.

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Ulrik K. Lykke
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Reader discretion is advised. All contents are for educational purposes only and it is the responsibility of the reader to verify all information provided to him. Contents of the letter, website, and other material may include inaccuracies, and charts and images may not be drawn to scale.

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Ulrik K. Lykke

Bitcoin investor since 2012. Ran one of EU’s first crypto hedge funds. Still investing in what moves. Author of the Bitcoin Global Macro, a newsletter focusing on bitcoin, macro insights & investment ideas in the digital assets space.